Venom, Deadpool, the sequel to Gladiator, and many others: the films that restart after the end of the strike

copyrightVenom, Deadpool, the sequel to Gladiator, and many others: the films that restart after the end of the strike

All's well that ends again on set. The announced end of the SAG-AFTRA union strike allows the great Hollywood movies to restart: many productions have been forced to stop in the last 118 days, now ready to return to work as soon as possible so as not to lose further slots on the calendar – as happened in the last hours of Venom 3.

The film starring Tom Hardy as Spider-Man's nemesis is among those affected by the end of the protest, but its release date has still been postponed: Sony Pictures has announced that to see the third Venom film we will have to wait until November 8, 2024, instead of summer. 


A fortunate period to be honest for the franchise, considering that the release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage in 2021 helped relaunch theaters after the most intense phases of the pandemic.

Among the biggest productions ready to return to the set as early as this week or the next one there is also Deadpool 3: the film that will mark the debut of the Chattering Mercenary in the MCU and which will bring Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine is 50% complete, a postponement on the calendar seems obvious but the good news is that we can get back to filming. 

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Paramount is also smiling, as it can do the same with the long-awaited sequel to Gladiator with Paul Mescal taking the lead role from Russell Crowe and a cast that also includes Denzel Washington.

Warner will instead be able to complete the only two days they have left for Beetlejuice 2, just as Clint Eastwood, who only has 12 days left to finish filming his new film Juror No.2, will be happy with the end of the strike. 

They're also celebrating on HBO's side, probably: filming on House of the Dragon never stopped, but now work on the second season of The Last of Us can resume at full speed, also thanks to the end of the writers' protest.

And again: Tron 3, the Minecraft film with Jason Momoa, the sequel to Mortal Kombat, and many, many other films scheduled for release shortly for which the future has smiled again. 

Among these there is obviously also the entire DC universe signed by James Gunn and Peter Safran, waiting to start filming Superman: Legacy with David Corenswet. 

The long protest is over, it's time to roll up our sleeves to give the public great stories to experience at the cinema as soon as possible.


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