Mangalavaram Review | Payal Rajput's Mangalavaram 2023 Telugu Movie Review

copyrightMangalavaram Review | Payal Rajput's Mangalavaram 2023 Telugu Movie Review

In Godavari district's Lakshmipuram village, the death of couples who have had illicit relations every Tuesday has terrified the people of that village. The villagers believe that the cause of these calamities is because Ammavari Jatra is not held. At such a time, there is a superstitious belief that a female ghost will kill everyone. In such circumstances, the SI (Nandita Shweta) comes to the village and investigates with the suspicion that there is some mystery behind the deaths.

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What is the real reason behind the deaths in the village? Why do the villagers want to punish Shailu (Payal Rajput) of the village on the orders of the Zamindar? Who will stand up to style? Finally, what happens in the village is suicide? Murder? Why did the deaths occur on Tuesday? Who stopped the deaths in the village? The answer to the questions is Tuesday's movie story.

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The way director Ajay Bhupathi emotionally starts the story with the childhood events of a girl named Shailu is good. After that, half of the success can be attributed to the way the story was run up to the first half without the hero and heroines, focusing on some characters in the village. The deaths that happen in the first half and the drama surrounding them have been narrated by the director. The script is good as every character has doubts. Ending the first half with a small twist related to Shailu's character, huge expectations were raised for the second half.

When it comes to the second half on Tuesday.. they started the original story gave a twist with every episode and made every scene emotional. Showing the character of Shailu boldly on the screen while increasing sympathy for that character is a reflection of his directorial talent. It can be said that he has made the film not only climb the success track but also run with the way every twist is unfolded in the last 45 minutes.

The way he wrote each minor character and the way he acted with them spoke volumes about his vision. It can be said that the director has made the hero of this movie. Payal Rajput, who is known as an amazing RX100 performer, seems to be struggling to perform at that level. But once again Shailu has boomed in terms of acting. Impressed with the award-winning performance. The way he performed the challenging role that no one dares to do makes it look superb.

And Ravindra Vijay, Ajay Ghosh, Laxman, Shravan Reddy, Dayanand Reddy, Nandita Shweta, Chaitanya Krishna, Nandita Shweta, Divya Pillai, Ajmal Amar are all strong characters and excelled to the extent of their strengths. Ajay Ghosh and Laxman's combination of scenes produced good comedy. Divya Pillai excelled in a role that changed the film radically. Ajmal Amar is limited to a guest role.

As strong as the performance of the movie on Tuesday was, the technical performance was twice as high in this movie. Ajanish Loknath's music has taken the film to another range. 

Music is provided to highlight each frame and give the audience a new experience. Dasharathi Shivendra's cinematography is another highlight. Every frame is turned into a visual treat. 

Talluri Krishna's art department performance and Gullapalli Madhav Kumar's editing made the movie excellent. It can be said that the production values followed by producers Suresh Verma and Swathi have made the film a visual feast.

Tuesday is a rural, rustic drama based on the psychological and sexual disorder Hyper Sex Disorder (HSD). Some mistakes in terms of script, even if they are far from logical, all disappeared due to the making and performance of the actors. 

The director's brilliant making, Payal's performance, other actors' performances, Ajanish's music, and Dasharathi Shivendra's cinematography are plus points for the movie. It can be said that the twists that feel new and exciting at the same time are the strength of this movie. Those who like thriller and suspense genres will definitely like this movie. No matter what kind of expectations you have in the movie, you will definitely get a good feeling.


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