Keedaa Cola Review - Keedaa Cola 2023 Telugu Movie Review in 3 Movierulz

copyrightKeedaa Cola Review - Keedaa Cola 2023 Telugu Movie Review in 3 Movierulz

Keedaa Cola Review - Within cinematic offerings, crime comedies hold a cherished position, resonating favorably with audiences. Nevertheless, their appeal can wane when afflicted by a feeble script or humor that has grown stale. Titles such as "Brochevarevarura," "Bhale Manchi Rou," and "Sathigani Rendekaralu" have graced the genre, yet only a select few manage to truly captivate. Tharun's "Keedaa Cola" a foray into the crime comedy domain, strikes a chord with its eccentric humor, inducing hearty laughter. Alas, the storyline's simplicity prevents it from achieving cinematic greatness.

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The initial segment of "Keedaa Cola" is predominantly dedicated to character introduction and plot establishment, intermittently sprinkled with humor. Jeevan commands a substantial role, and his comedic portrayal of frustration proves highly effective. As the narrative unfolds into the latter half, the comedic elements intensify. Regrettably, the subplot involving Vasthu and Brahmanandam falls short of expectations, failing to harness the full potential of Brahmi's character.

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The narrative's thinness necessitates a reliance on unconventional filmmaking techniques to maintain viewer engagement. Several scenes and characters resemble Guy Ritchie's works such as "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch," featuring commendable English-speaking humor. Tharun Bhascker excels in his role, commanding the screen with an impressive presence. Although his Barbie-inspired comedy lacks excitement, the exchanges between Tharun and Vishnu Oi consistently infuse the proceedings with amusement. Notably, the absence of female characters is a conspicuous aspect of the entire film.

Tharun Bhascker interweaves references from his previous cinematic ventures, including 'Thagudam' and others. However, only a handful of these allusions prove effective. The recurring character 'Kaushik,' a hallmark of Tharun Bhascker's works, makes an appearance in "Keeda Cola," though it fails to attain the heights set by its predecessors. Vivek Sagar's background score and rap lyrics emerge as the saviors of "Keeda Cola," enhancing the impact of slow-motion sequences. The film's concise runtime also stands as an asset. "Keeda Cola" tends toward predictability, with a climax marred by hasty scenes and abrupt resolutions.

All things considered, Tharun Bhascker's "Keeda Cola" manifests as a quirky entry into the realm of crime comedies, intermittently delivering amusement. When appraised with Tharun Bhascker's previous cinematic oeuvre spanning different genres, "Keeda Cola" emerges as the least remarkable of the trio.


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