Jigarthanda DoubleX 2023 Telugu Dubbed Movie Review

copyrightJigarthanda DoubleX 2023 Telugu Dubbed Movie Review

Jigarthanda DoubleX Review: 'Jigarthanda DoubleX' is a movie made by the combination of Raghava Lawrence and SJ Surya. Famous Tamil director Karthik Subbaraj directed this movie.

Jigarthanda DoubleX is a sequel to 2014's Jigarthanda. Pan India hero Dhanush gave the first review of this movie. In this review, the film has been lifted to the skies.

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In this tweet, Dhanush said, 'I saw Jigarthanda DoubleX. Karthik Subbaraj has done this movie very well. SJ Surya is used to acting brilliantly. This is another side of Raghava Lawrence as an actor.

Santhosh Narayanan's music is beautiful. The last 40 minutes will blow your mind. All the best to the cast and crew'. Said that.

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It is known that Dhanush and Karthik Subbaraj's combination had previously released a movie called 'Jagame Tantram'. The film was released directly on Netflix OTT and received negative reviews. 

But Dhanush has said on many occasions that this is his favorite movie. Karthik Subbaraj also said that the film flopped due to Netflix's editing and there are many unused scenes in the film. So, the bond between these two is as strong as Favika.

And 'Jigarthanda DoubleX' will come before the audience in a few hours. Remarkably, this movie has been made with a budget of around Rs.100 crores. The film is directed by Karthik Subbaraj and is set in 1975. 

If you look at the trailer, it is understood that the story will unfold in the background of a director who wants to make a film and play the role of a gangster hero.

'Jigarthanda' released in 2014 became a big hit in Tamil. Bobby Simha, who acted in a negative role, also won a national award. This movie was remade in Telugu by famous commercial director Harish Shankar with Atharva and Varun Tej. This movie released under the name of 'Gaddalakonda Ganesh' was a big success.

Apart from this, Karthik Subbaraje also presented the story of 'Gamechanger' which is one of the prestigious projects in Tollywood. Under Shankar's direction, this movie is being made with mega power star Ram Charan as the hero with a huge budget. Karthik Subbaraj also talked about the game changer in the promotions of 'Jigarthanda DoubleX'.

Karthik Subbaraj said that the first political story written in his career was 'Game Changer'. “After finishing this story, I told my friends. Many people think that this story is very good. Shankar said that this story can be made at the level of movies. He said that it would be better if the story was developed further.

I didn't have the experience and level of making a political film of Shankar's level. That is why I told this story directly to Shankar. He liked the story, and it is being made into a movie. 

This film is being made on a very large scale. With Ram Charan in the role, the level of game changer has increased further. Karthik opined that it will definitely entertain the Telugu as well as the Tamil audience.


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