Rules Ranjan Movie Review - Rules Ranjan Movie makes the audience laugh

copyrightRules Ranjan Movie Review - Rules Ranjan Movie makes the audience laugh

Rules Ranjan Movie Review - Kiran Abbavaram has set an OK market for himself with SR Kalyanamandapam. No matter how much negativity there is on his films or on himself, he fills himself with positivity with his films. Kiran Abbavaram's films do not have much of a story, but they run with comedy, and this Rules Ranjan is the same, no matter how much the story does not feel new.

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Rules Ranjan Movie Review - Vennela Kishore came into the scene and saved the movie to some extent when the movie started very slowly and got boring. And the whole first half goes on like that with comedy. But the second part made a difference, the second part would have been better if the comedy was mainly driven, but the emotions were thrown in and they didn't fall properly, and it was boring. In the second half, Hyper Adi, Viva Harsha and Vennela Kishore gave some relief.

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There is a talk that Kiran Abbavaram acts the same in all the movies, but in this movie, he has changed his look, but the acting is the same. Mano Ranjan's role has not challenged him. Neha Shetty also doesn't impress, Subbaraju is the main attraction of this movie, and she does justice to her role. Hyper Adi, Vennela Kishore, and Viva Harsha have done well in their roles.

Rathinam Krishna failed to impress the audience with the usual story, but with the comedy matured to some extent, he succeeded in engaging the audience. Technically, Rules Ranjan is pretty average, Amrish's music is okay, but Duleep Kumar's MS cinematography is a big minus of the movie. Finally, the movie Rules Ranjan makes the audience laugh.


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