Peddha Kapu 1 Movie Review - Overall Peddha Kapu is impressive with intense emotions and engaging scenes

copyrightPeddha Kapu 1 Movie Review - Overall Peddha Kapu is impressive with intense emotions and engaging scenes

Peddha Kapu 1 Movie Review - "Peddha Kapu 1" is the latest interesting film directed by Srikanth Addala, a popular director of Tollywood. New hero Virat Karna is introduced as a hero in this film which received a good buzz with the announcement of the movie title. Let's see in the review whether this film meets the expectations.

First of all, the background of this film is interesting. In fact, many people may not have expected such a solid subject from Srikanth Addala. Some scenes in the movie are intense in that range. Also, young hero Virat Karna delivered a solid performance. Also, despite how challenging his role is, he was impressed with a very mature performance even though it was his first film.

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Also, actors like Anasuya, Rao Ramesh, and Pragathi Srivastava gave impressive performances. It should also be said that the second half is another major strength of the movie. The details and twists in it are very good. Also, the combination of versatile actor Rao Ramesh and Srikanth Addala has a mark. Now it goes beyond that.

It must be said that the dialogues written by Rao Ramesh and his portrayal of the character are also a highlight. Also, there is a short message on actress Anasuya. Apart from that, Anasuya also gave a solid performance. Along with all these, the highlight of the movie is the visuals shown by Chhota K Naidu, which set the background of the movie perfectly and gave a good treat to the audience with very natural visuals. Also, Mickey Jay Mayer's music was an added attraction.

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The efforts put in by the producers of 'Akhanda' in this film are good. Also, all the set works designed according to the theme of the movie are very neat. Structures and values have not been compromised anywhere. In the technical team, as mentioned above, Mickey J Meyer Chota K Prasad's cinematography, who provided the music, became the movie's backbone. Also, the dialogue and costumes are good. Editing should be better.

When it comes to director Srikanth Addala, he tried to make the point he wanted to make very clear. But this effort feels a bit repetitive and slow in some places. But overall, we can see a brand-new Srikanth Addala movie.

 Overall, "Peddha Kapu 1" is impressive with intense emotions and engaging scenes. Virat Karna as the main hero made a very good debut and was impressed with his performance. Also, all the other main characters in the movie have given solid performances. this movie can be given a try this weekend.


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