Mad Movie Review - Mad movie aim is to make the audience laugh regardless of logic

copyrightMad Movie Review - Mad movie aim is to make the audience laugh regardless of logic

Mad Movie Review - Jati Ratnalam and Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty films of late have proved that comedy is sure to be a hit if done right. And now 'Mad'. There is no story in this mad film, it seems that the aim is to make the audience laugh regardless of logic.

Mad Movie Review - From the beginning of the movie, the current youth is drawn into the movie. Shows off all the things done in college, laughs heartily, and engages for two hours. But after a stage, there is no doubt about what the intention of this movie is. Director Kalyan Shankar tried to reduce the comedy in the second half and take it to a different track but thinking that it was better to make people laugh, he immediately directed the story in the comedy track. Although not so much ethnic gems, this film is also a good laugh.

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Narne Nithin, who entered the industry as Junior NTR's brother-in-law, did well, not only in dialogue delivery but also in cultivating comedy. And Sangeet Shobhan has already proved what kind of actor he is, in this film too, he made us laugh with his comedy timing. It doesn't matter as long as Ram Nitin is there too. Sri Gauri Priya Reddy did well while she was there, Ananathika Sanilkumar and Gopika Udyan did not have much scope, and Anudeep can be said to be a highlight of this movie, he made us laugh as long as he was there. The rest of the actors have done well in their roles.

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With Kalyan Shankar and Anudeep becoming friends from the beginning, there is little if any Jati Ratnalu effect on this mad. But he took the complete college background and took the elements that connect to the youth living in the internet world and did well. It can be said that he succeeded in making the audience laugh.

Bheem's music is well suited to the film, and Samdutt – Dinesh Krishnan B is okay but should have been better. Finally, Mad is a laugh-out-loud film.

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