800 Movie Review - what happened in Muralidharan's personal life with very low expectations

copyright800 Movie Review - what happened in Muralidharan's personal life with very low expectations

800 Movie Review - "800" starring Madhur Mittal as the main lead is based on the life of Sri Lankan legendary spinner Muttiah Muralitharan. Let's find out in the review whether this film directed by director MS Sripathi has come in the sports backdrop and has become a successful film or not.

800 Movie ReviewThe main plus point of this film is for Madhur Mittal who appeared in the role of Muttiah. It can be said that he is the perfect casting for this role. Apart from that, he has convinced himself in this role. All kinds of emotions are well delivered.

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Besides, the depth in the second half of the movie, some emotional scenes are very good. Along with these, some people will know many points in Muralidharan's life that some people don't know. Also, they were well presented by the director. Also, some episodes where Murali shows his hand bowling are good.

The way he wants to prove himself is a good point about whether Muralidharan is in such pain in his personal life. In this film, along with these, the main actors Nazar, Arul Das Mahima Nambiar, and others who appeared in the film were impressive in the scope of their roles.

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The production values in this film are not bad. There are still some technical precautions to be taken. Music by Gibran is just okay. The cinematography by RD Rajasekhar is impeccable. The tone of the movie is shown well. Editing by Praveen KL needs to be done better. Telugu dubbing is good though.

When it comes to the director MS Sripathi..it must be said that he has done a range of work that seems just okay for this film. Some emotions are missing, but everything else does not bring the feeling of watching a super biopic. Sports – He could not handle emotion properly. The screenplay and narration should be designed to be more engaging.

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On the whole, there are only a few good things in this biopic "800" which came after a long time regarding the sports backdrop. Madhur Mittal gives a very sincere attempt as Muttiah Muralidharan. Also, some emotions in the second half are good. But if you go to this film for such high moments related to cricket, you will be disappointed. That's why it's okay to have a look just for what happened in Muralidharan's personal life with very low expectations.


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