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Skanda Review"Skanda," directed by Boyapati Srinu and starring Ram and Sree Leela, seems to follow the typical Boyapati Sreenu formula of high-octane action and mass moments. The film starts with a trademark Boyapati action sequence followed by Srikant's court trial, where Saiee Manjrekar plays Srikant's daughter. 

Skanda ReviewThe main plot revolves around a clash between the Andhra and Telangana CMs. Ram's entry, marked by a massive bull scene, is a crowd-pleaser with his mass avatar and swag in full display. Sree Leela enters as the Telangana CM's daughter and actor Prince is introduced as the Telangana CM's brother. The film also includes satirical scenes about a famous Indian Political Strategist.

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The story alternates between action-packed moments and cute college scenes featuring Ram and Sree Leela, along with emotional scenes involving Srikant and Saiee. The interval sequence is intense, but Thaman's background music falls short of elevating it further.

After the interval, the two CMs unite to fight against RaPo, and the film delves into Srikanth's flashback, introducing various family members. The film successfully conveys the message about the importance of caring for elderly parents. It concludes with another heavy-duty action block.

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"Skanda" follows the typical Boyapati Sreenu storyline with intense action scenes, and Ram shines in his full-fledged mass avatar. Sree Leela's performance is decent, but the film lacks a powerful background score to enhance the mass moments. The intermission sets the stage for the second half, which includes heartwarming family sentiments.

Boyapati is known for his over-the-top action sequences, and the film seems to deliver on that front. However, the excessive action in the interval could have been balanced with better background music. If you enjoy over-the-top action, "Skanda" seems like a mass entertainer worth watching.

In the Final Skanda Review - "Skanda" appears to be a typical Boyapati Sreenu mass action film, with all the signature elements of his filmmaking style.


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