Ramanna Youth Movie Review - The film is entertaining with Telangana nativity in 3Movierulz

copyrightRamanna Youth Movie Review - The film is entertaining with Telangana nativity in 3Movierulz

Ramanna Youth Movie Review - This is the story of a young man who is at the bottom of politics. In this film, it is shown what will happen in the end if the party goes around carrying the flags without choosing the right leader. 

Ramanna Youth Movie Review - How can a politician use the youth for his needs? A good message can be seen in this film that if you believe in the leader and do not care about your own people, what will happen to the middle-class youth if you wander around doing nothing.

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The point chosen by director Hero Naveen is very good. But he was only partially successful in showing it on screen. The whole story revolves around a point in the village's background. The film is entertaining with Telangana nativity but not emotionally connected. In terms of scenes, character designs are good, but the lack of a strong story is a minus.

Although this is Naveen's first film as a director, he seemed like a very experienced director in some respects. Although all the actors were newcomers, he got good performances from them. He was successful in showing his grasp of technical aspects. He shot the movie very naturally. 

The daawats, wishes, and thoughts of the hero gang are all realistic. The youth in the villages are well-connected. There is no strong story in the movies, but it never gets boring. He made it so that the family could watch the movie without committing obscenity. Telangana will connect well with the youth.

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The story revolves around Abhay Naveen, Anil Geela, Jagan Yogibabu, Bunny Abhiram, and Vishnu. Abhay does a good job as Raju, a middle-class youth who dreams of becoming a leader. Anil Geela and Jagan Yogi Babu have cultivated comedy well. 

Anil is a character who walks around with Dostana while pretending to be afraid of his father. And the character of Jagan Yogibabu is playing online poker and making friends with people younger than his age. Vishnu's role is very important for this movie.

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He was cast in the role of Mahipal, who is enraged with jealousy. Ramesh, who always looks drunk, is impressed with a different character in this film. Srikanth Iyengar as MLA Ramanna acted well as his role. Yadamma Raju, Jabardast Rohini, Ananda Chakrapani, Vena/Polasani, and the rest of the actors acted to the extent of their roles. 

As far as technical matters are concerned, Kamran's background music is good. Cinematography by Pahad Abdul Majeed, Editing by Rupak Ronaldson and Abhay Naveen. The production values are below par for the film.


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