No Hard Feelings - Jennifer Lawrence is dirtier than ever

copyrightNo Hard Feelings - Jennifer Lawrence is dirtier than ever

No Hard Feelings - Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence dares the unexpected and plunges headfirst into a s*x comedy: In “No Hard Feelings,” the “Hunger Games” star is a total failure who hits on a teenager with lots of double entenders.

she makes unpredictable career decisions. Hardly anyone would have predicted that the Oscar winner would take on the lead role in a s*x comedy after a creative break. But that's exactly what happened: In "No Hard Feelings," Lawrence plays a loser in her 30s who hooks up with a teenager for money.

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The premise alone caused a heated debate in the USA the frivolous comedy quietly overtook various franchise hopefuls. And from September 14, 2023, “No Hard Feelings” will be available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Bonus material on the Blu-ray includes a making-of and outtakes from the shoot. If you can do without the feel and bonus material, you can find the film as VOD on Amazon Prime Video*, among other places.

No Hard Feelings: Provocative meets uptight

Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) is over 30, s*xually open, and constantly broke. When her car is confiscated, she literally has her back against the wall - and in desperation, she responds smoothly to a dubious classified ad: Two helicopter parents are worried that their shy son Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) will become a lonely victim of bullying if he going to college soon.

A hearty, passionate “date” with an experienced woman should “shake him up”. For money, of course. Well, Maddie knows all about shaking, so she takes the job - not knowing how much her aggressive s*xuality will awaken Percy's flight instinct. A woman over 30 agrees to have a s*xual relationship with a 19-year-old in exchange for money: in the USA This premise sparked a heated debate about whether “No Hard Feelings” would make fun of questionable relationships, if not abusive situations, with this starting point.

Significantly, however, reviews from people who have actually seen the film were usually not angry or disgusted. Instead, director/writer Gene Stupnitsky and writer John Phillips were praised for their nuanced and critical approach to the characters' behavior. In Germany, people seemed to generally trust that a film is more complex than what a trailer can express. “No Hard Feelings” didn’t make it into controversy for us.

However, with almost half a million tickets sold in the Federal Republic, he has achieved a solid result without much fanfare: the comedy co-produced by Lawrence is currently in the top 25 in Germany for the 2023 cinema year. And even if it is released in the following weeks It is guaranteed to be overtaken by a few titles in the next few months: The fact that “No Hard Feelings” resides above the social media phenomenon “M3GAN” and the latest parts of the “Transformers”, “Evil Dead” and “Scream” franchises is not due to the accumulation of frivolous dialogues to take more.

The dirty dialogue is also clearly one of the highlights of the film: When Lawrence as Maddie struts around in a tense, provocative manner and whispers one double entendre after the next, which just frightens the shy Percy, it's enormous fun. Not least because Lawrence takes contagious joy in her role as Maddie, who flirts like a cliché porno and who bites her teeth into the sensitive Percy.


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