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Jawan Movie Review - Shah Rukh Khan's 'Jawan' has hit the theatres. Of course, this is the spiciest film of his career. In this, you will find almost every element that should be there in a mainstream entertainment film. You are getting two Shah Rukh Khan for the money of one. What more does the public want? better movie. While watching 'Jawan', on many occasions it seems that the things that Shah Rukh Khan could not do in real life, he has done in this film. 

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For example, expressing one's views openly on socio-political issues of the country. See, 'Jawan' never promised us that it would be a completely different film. He doesn't even exist. This film has been made only to earn money at the ticket window. And the film will earn a lot of money too. Whatever revolutionary cinema Shah Rukh Khan had to do, he did it from 2014 to 2019. Now they will do only what the public wants to see. Which is also correct.

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Everyone knows that Shah Rukh Khan has a double role in 'Jawan'. What I got from this film is the character of Vikram Rathore's father. Whose backstory is like Kabir Khan of 'Chak De India'. But slightly masculine, cinematic, and full of swagger. There is a scene at the end of the film, where Azad and Vikram are fighting with the villain. Kali is firing at them with a shotgun. Both these people are hiding behind a shield. As soon as the first bullet is fired, both Vikram and Azad move slightly backward. Personally, this is the only scene in the film, which I would like to watch again or rewind.

'Jawan' is pure masala cinema. Which has been treated in South style. Everything from the plot to the message. The looks of the characters are modeled after the characters of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. Seeing a scene from the film, one remembers 'Zero Dark Thirty'. An attempt has been made to touch many social issues in the sub-plots of the film. But it doesn't seem like a genuine effort. They are used as cinematic tools to blackmail the audience. This was the most frustrating thing I found in this film.

'Javaan' captures those things about which society is very touchy. Farmers' suicide. Danger to children's lives. Pregnant women. Minority people. Corruption. Rigging of elections. Each of these things bothers you. Because those are really important issues which should be discussed. The only difference is with what intention those issues are being discussed. Are the film or its makers really concerned about these social issues? Or…

'Jawan' was being promoted as a women-centric film. To say the least, 'Dangal' was also a women-oriented film. But was it? You see 6 female characters in 'Jawan'. The story of all of them creates different sub-plots for the film. This is his only role in the entire story. From Sanya Malhotra to Priyamani, she plays heroine roles in her films/series. Here he does not even get to speak a full-length dialogue. Nayanthara is the only actress to whom the film gives footage. That too because she is the heroine of the film.

Vijay Sethupathi has become a very typical villain. Who defeats the hero in the first round. In the second round, the hero comes to take revenge on the villain. Had Vijay Sethupathi's character of Kali been allowed to emerge a little more, perhaps the film could have become more interesting. However, there is a scene when he tells his henchmen to eliminate Azad and Vikram. Otherwise, these people will start singing. And they have to listen. There are cameos of two superstars in the film. Which is extremely disappointing. After watching the end of the film, I once thought of Aila Abbas-Mustan's 'Race'.

This film is as much Shah Rukh Khan's as it is Atlee's. Atlee is considered the master of elevation scenes. They do it here too. The background music of the film is strong. Especially the 'young theme'. But apart from 'Chaleya' I don't remember any song. The overall point is that despite all the flaws, you cannot say that 'Jawan' does not give you what the film had promised. Entertainment. Shah Rukh Khan wanted to deliver a good follow-up after 'Pathan' in the form of 'Jawan'. He has done that. Because this film is going to earn money by throwing. Seeing 'Jawan', I remember the saying in the form of a meme running on social media these days- I've won… but at what cost.


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