Deadpool 3: Daniel Radcliffe may have a "secret role" in the film

copyrightDeadpool 3: Daniel Radcliffe may have a "secret role" in the film

Deadpool 3 - According to some rumors, Harry Potter veteran Daniel Radcliffe has joined the cast of Marvel Studios' highly anticipated Deadpool 3. For some time, as is known, rumors have been circulating online regarding the possible actors who will appear in the MCU film and according to the industry scooper, Daniel Richtman (via Patreon), the English actor would have been chosen to join Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3 for a “secret role.” No other details were provided, but the most popular theory to date is that he plays a variant of Wolverine.

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This stems from a previous rumor that Radcliffe was being eyed by Marvel to take Hugh Jackman's place as Logan in the planned X-Men reboot. This intention has never materialized to date but if Radcliffe really were to be confirmed as part of Deadpool 3, it could be fun to see him even if just once in this role. Of course, there's also the possibility that the actor will have a more substantial role in the film, with a completely different character. However, as long as the actors' strike continues, Radcliffe cannot give interviews and confirm or deny this rumor.

Deadpool 3: What we know about the film.

Although the official story details of Deadpool 3, starring Ryan Reynolds, have not yet been revealed, it is assumed that the plot will concern the Multiverse. The easiest way for Marvel Studios to unite the Deadpool film series – the only part of the X-Men franchise to survive Disney's acquisition of Fox – is to establish that the Reynolds films took place in a different universe. This preserves Fox's X-Men films in their own universe while allowing Deadpool and Wolverine, again played by Hugh Jackman, to travel into the main MCU universe.

The film will also feature characters from the first two Deadpool films, such as Colossus and Negasonic Mutant Warhead. For some time, however, there have been rumors that other X-Men could also make an appearance in the film, as well as some other Marvel superheroes who appeared on the big screen in the early 2000s, in particular Ben Affleck's Daredevil. The actress Jennifer Garner will be present in the film in the role of Elektra, which she therefore takes up almost twenty years after the film dedicated to her.

Pending further confirmation, we know that Shawn Levy will direct Deadpool 3, while Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who have already signed the first two films about the Chattering Merc, will write the screenplay based on the comics created by Rob Liefeld, confirming themselves in the creative team of the project. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige assured fans that it will remain an R-rated film, just like the first two films, making it the studio's first film with that mature rating.


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