Beast Movierulz - Watch Beast 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Beast Movierulz - Watch Beast 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Beast Movierulz - Watch Beast 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz - Beast Ibomma - Watch Beast 2022 Telugu Movie Review in IbommaBeast FilmyZilla - Watch Beast 2022 Telugu Movie Review in FilmyZilla

Beast Review: 'Beast' Movie Review & Rating!

Beast Movierulz - Watch Beast 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz - Following the release of the 'Beast' trailer, expectations for the film have risen. Beast was released on April 13 to mark the Tamil New Year. Nelson DilipKumar, who has directed the super hit Doctor film, is now in a state of curiosity as to what kind of film he will make with Vijay.

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Beast Movierulz - Watch Beast 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3MovierulzTamil superstar Vijay is getting a grip on the Telugu market right now. "Beast" is a film directed by Nelson DilipKumar, who is also known in Telugu as a director with his films "Kolamaavu Kokila, Doctor". The two songs & trailer that have already been released have set good expectations on the movie. Will Vijay expand the market in Telugu with this film Is Sivakarthikeyan able to cultivate fun and action in the level of 'Doctor'... Is the original film Kathenti... Can this story run in a single location with screenplay without getting bored... Tamil re-entry with Pooja Hegde Let's see in the review things like got it.

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Beast Movierulz - Beast Story

Raw agent Veera Raghavan (Vijay) is no ordinary. Succeeds at any secret operation. As such, he launches an operation in Jodhpur to nab a terrorist named Umar Farooq. Everything goes well but one child dies due to a small mistake made unexpectedly in that secret operation. With that, Veera Raghavan goes into depression and stays away from his career. He also meets Preeti (Pooja Hegde) as part of his treatment to get rid of the depression. She also proposes Love Love.

Meanwhile, a few months later, the East Coast Mall was taken over by terrorists. The 150 people who came there were held hostage. They demand the government to release their leader Umar Parukh. But their bad thing is... Veera Raghavan who caught Umar was still in the mall. Now the real story begins. His girlfriend Preeti also happens to be one of the hostesses. How did Veera Raghavan awaken his heroism and control the situation in the mall? How did he build the game of terrorists with a single hand? Is the "Beast" storyline.

How is it?

It's weird that a hero like Vijay, with all the budget and number one technicians, wants to tell such a headless, tailless story. I thought it would be enough to just do action scenes with Vijay. Also another comedy is that... the hero is very strong, the beast is a nasty elevation. The hero on the other side is confronting... Terrorists are very slow to look at, the kind who even think of asking to kill someone. Those who can not even create fear in the hostages they finally capture. Eventually Personality Wise also floats in front of the hero. If we look at them and their antics, what are the comedians... then we will wait till the end to see if the main villain will come. But the director said that they will show it in the sequel but in the current movie, they are the only ones who have adjusted.

Who actually trained them as terrorists... what can their organization achieve with such terrorists... they are not the ones who have the scene to release their leader from prison. If these terrorists actually show how they can free their leader in the face of a raw agent like Beast, then the terrorists will be watching special shows. Is so much worse. The villain versus the hero affair. If the villains are so weak, what is the result of naming the hero Beast and leaving him in the ring? Overall it is an action hostage drama without gripping or thrilling but emotions.

Hostage dramas are regularly screened in Hollywood. Now there are fewer. We never but hostage dramas come. The reason is that they do not fit in the commercial format. There will be no costume change in these hostage dramas. There is no room for another emotion change. Action..reaction is the story, the narrative goes on. The story line is almost the same. Director Nelson took on such a risky complex task. Though the story is not logically strong, he wanted to pull off the fun with his hero Vijay image and pooja glamor. But unfortunately none of these worked out.

The fun thought sequences are all boring. Aside from the fact that all the people trapped in the mall there very seriously among the terrorists are like God..Ramuda Bikku Bikkumantu holding the survivors in the palm of his hand to see how the director wants to make them comedy but we are very disgusted. The director's past films "Ko Ko Kokila, Doctor" do not work out any of the scenes here as dark humor is ripe. As befits a mass hero movie like Vijay, some elements are expected not only by the fans but also by the general audience. Awemi does not appear in it. Wanting to drive this story into linear screenplay is the best decision a director can make.


Manoj Paramahamsa cinematography and Anirudh cinematography are the main highlights of the film. The two songs given by Anirudh were a plus as far as the sound designing was concerned for the film. They would not even be what they are otherwise. Anyway All three are technicians who gave 100% of their time to the film regardless of the content. Writing Part Disaster, Direction OK. R. Immaculate editing runs. Telugu dialogues are soso. Dances are two songs we have already seen..good on screen. Production values ​​are good.

Among the cast

Vijay played the role of Raw Agent as Veera Raghavan. There is nothing to say about Pooja Hegde. Limited to three scenes, two songs. They also interfere with the story. So big did not come together. Notable artist in the movie... VTV Ganesh punches his base voice. Yogi Babu comedy did not explode. Selva Raghavan seemed okay as an actor. Final Thought: What a feast for the fans but... 'roste' for the rest