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The most awaited Pan Indian movie eagerly awaited by Indians all over the world is “RRR”. With two massive heroes Young Tiger NTR and Megapower star Ram Charan, a fragment from this epic taken by legendary director Rajamouli has once again come to dominate Indian cinema.

The makers have now released the Biggest Theatrical Trailer for this intriguing movie amidst many speculations. Let's see the trailer of the movie "Roudram Ranam Rudhiram" which was made in the 1920s as a fictional film with real life heroes Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bhim from Telugu soil.

Starting from the scene of the British capturing a small sinner from the Bhim Kona area, the trailer started with a mind-blowing start with the behemoth's Bheem visuals guarding them. The visual scene of the fight with the all-anticipating tiger is breathtaking. Also Charan was introduced as Alluri Sitaramaraj as a police officer who can control such a behemoth and from there the trailer went into Rajamouli Mark Emotions.

Goosebumps gives the magical background song of Keeravani to match the friendship between the two after these are also amazing. And from there the real fuss started. The action stunts performed by Ramaraja while holding the bow are the action blocks or dialogues designed on Bhim after the next level feast but the battles between the two but to make everyone cringe.

The box office seems to be breaking down. Yet all the cost of DVV donations will be seen in this trailer. Graphical teamwork but also the design of action sequences are on another level. Everything else has to be prepared for next January 7th... just to see this Biggest Magical Treat in theaters.


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