Lakshya Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Lakshya Movie Review In 3Movierulz

 The first big plus of this "Lakshya" movie is that it has Naga Shaurya. He impresses with the effort he has not put into any film in his career for this film. Not only did he change his body and show different looks, but he also performed very well.

Also in some crucial emotional scenes his acting is mature. The role of heroine Ketika Sharma is also good in the film. In terms of his looks but in the scenes with valor but good chemistry is seen between the two. Also in some key scenes between the two his emotions are good.

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Along with them, Kiriti, who appeared in a negative role, was set correctly for his role. He showed good vilinism and impressed the character by expressing low emotions. Also how does Naga Shaurya change to other habits in the film? The crucial breakpoint was dealt with impressively. Yet the archery theme seen in the movie feels new.

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The background also feels good until you get to a point in the movie but the scenes that show up later on in that game, the whole setup also seems to have turned out to be a bit silly.

Yet the whole of the second half also seems to have changed with a very soso as unimpressive narration. Also another major miss is the silly design of the character of an actor like Jagapathi Babu in this film.

I can say that the production values ​​in the film are just okay to adapt to the theme of this story. It's because of the cinematography but the visuals look a bit dull. Also the music work is good. Kala Bhairava impresses again with the background score. Editing is okay but some lead still needs to be cut.

And when it comes to director Santosh Jagarlapudi, his work is also in the range that just seems okay. Really the concept he has chosen is so new that no one can touch it he can rejoice. Also the way it is handled like that for a time is also good. But later on the error appears in the article. He hesitates to elevate the characters' emotions strongly. Some scenes that still have scope might have yielded even better output if they had been adapted as engaging.

this ‘Lakshya’ movie which opens as a sports drama, appears with a decent narrative until the first half. Also the Naga Shaurya dedication is very impressive. But by the second half, things were looking up. Poor emotions narrated the film's flow. The film would have impressed overall if it had taken the climax but still the engaging narration. Those who want to see the new sports drama never mind but can take a look at the Lakshya.