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Gamanam is a comeback movie for Shriya. In which she did very well in her role as a deaf and helpless mother. The star heroine has well demonstrated the inner turmoil that Shriya’s character faces. Priyanka Jawalkar Zara was good but the screen presence seemed limited.

Young actor Shiva Kandukuri has done very well as an amateur cricketer. Shiva performed very well in all the emotional scenes. Senior actor Charu Haasan has excelled in his emotional character. The young actors who played the homeless children performed very well.

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The second half consists of flood scenes. The emotions that each character plays during this time are nicely demonstrated. Production design and Shriya's episode trapped in the floods went well.

The biggest flaw of this film is the slow stretching. It takes time for the film to get into the main conflict point. Also the emotions that come between the key characters are not properly established in the first half.

The film's production values ​​are very good and the three different stories are presented in a wonderful way. Special mention should be made of the camera work as the old-fashioned visuals are impressive. The dialogues are good and the iconic Ilayaraja music and background music are also good. But editing has to be a little better.

When it comes to director Sujuna Rao her story idea, backdrop and characterizations are good but her story is dull. The required conflict was not properly established. The issues presented do not have a big impact on the audience.

Overall, the anthology film 'Gamanam' has a good backdrop. But it must be said that the dull narrative and slow pace are the main drawbacks. Shriya Sharan's character is impressive in the film. I have to say that this movie was a big hit this weekend.


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