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Director Devakatta was able to write a good drama about the realities of the current society in relation to politics, but in a completely impressive way. Although some of the scenes in the second half he wrote were good, some of the key scenes in the first half were stretched and cinematic.

Despite the film's connecting elements to the audience, the director was more interested in elevating only the political drama than entertaining the audience. It would have been nice if some of the key scenes coming up on Ramyakrishna were still strong. The play has been slow in some places in elevating the strong conflict in the film.

As mentioned earlier when it comes to the technical department .. The director took a good political drama related to today's politics, but could not write a proper narrative to suit the drama. The background score in the movie is good. The songs are okay. The cinematography is good. Most of the scenes in the film are very realistic and shown with good visuals. Editing is good. The producer produced this film without compromising anywhere. The architectural values ​​are very good.

This is the political and practical emotional of the Republic

In the drama the message given in relation to today's political realities, political dialogues, and some of the emotions are impressive. However, the film is in serious mode and the narrative is slow. Overall, the film is well-liked by audiences who like movies in the political arena.


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