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Director Sukumar's debut film 'Arya'. This is the second film starring Allu Arjun as the hero. Became a blockbuster movie. Sukumar, who introduced a new angle on love called 'Feel My Love', caught his attention with his debut film. Arya Cinema was released in 2004. Arya 2 was released in 2009 as a franchise for this film starring Bunny and Sukumar. Although the first film was not such a big hit, it did impress the audience. When will Arya 3 appear in their combination since then? That fans are eagerly awaiting.

The film is currently being made in Allu Arjun and Sukumar combination. However, it is not Arya 3. Pushpa. The interesting thing is that this movie is also being made in two parts. The first installment, Pushpa The Rise, will be released on December 17. Against this backdrop, director Sukumar chatted with his fans on Instagram. Then some fans‌ Will there be Arya3? Sukumar replied that it would be perfect if asked... Will the release date of Pushpa The Rise movie change? If asked, he replied no.

Currently, the first part of Pushpa, which is being formed in the combination of Bunny and Sukumar, is the Pushpa The Rise movie. Rashmika Mandanna will play the heroine in this movie which is going to be released as a Pan India movie. Malayalam star Fahadh Paxil is playing the villain. Bunny Pushpa Raj will be seen in the role of a lorry driver in a new look.

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