3 Movierulz: Konda Polam Movie Twitter Review in 3 Movierulz

3 Movierulz: Konda Polam Movie Twitter Review in 3 Movierulz

Image credit: Konda Polam

3 Movierulz: Konda Polam Movie Twitter Review in 3 Movierulz - Konda Polam 2021 Telugu Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz.

The movie ‘Konda polam’ starring Panja Vaishnav Tej as the hero. Directed by 'Jagarlamoodi Krish'. Rakul Preet Singh is the heroine. After the blockbuster movie 'Uppena', there are huge expectations on the movie as it is a movie starring Vaishnav Teja. The movie hit audiences into theaters on Friday. However, on Thursday, Vaishnav Tej and megastar Chiranjeevi watched the film exclusively. Megastar Chiranjeevi talks about the movie...

Usually we think of Krish movies as different genre movies. It is a fact that those who watch this movie will be thrilled. I have not read any book on Konda polam. Vaishnav came to me every day and said ‘Mama I am doing a film called‘ Konda polam ’under the direction of Krish’, I said ‘Make a film immediately. Because Krish Direction means Variety of Movie. Good performance has scope. There is a chance for good emotion in the film. ' Vaishnav Tej Performance and Characterization are all different.

I have been watching Krish movies. One movie has nothing to do with another movie. When it comes to ‘Konda polam’, it is different than previous films. Good Rustic Love Story. This is a story about how to preserve nature. A love story with a good message. When it comes to artists, I really enjoyed Vaishnav Tej and Rakul Preet Singh. Audiences should be invited and welcomed to such films. I firmly believe that ‘Konda polam’ movie will definitely entertain the audience. All the best to Krish, the producers, Vaishnav and others, ”said Chiranjeevi.

Based on the novel ‘Konda polam’ written by Sannapureddy Venkataramireddy, Krish opens the film with Vaishnav and Rakul. Rajiv Reddy and Saibabu Jagarlamudi are the producers. The film premiered on October 8. Director Krish created the film ‘Konda polam’ in compliance with government regulations, with a limited number of cast and crew when it was allowed to shoot during Kovid.