Sweet Girl 2: A sequel to the Netflix actioner starring Jason Momoa is more likely than you think - 3movierulz

Sweet Girl 2: A sequel to the Netflix actioner starring Jason Momoa is more likely than you think - 3movierulz

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Does a sequel to the Netflix hit "Sweet Girl" even make sense after the first film ends? The makers would really have to come up with something. But right now it looks like such a risk for Netflix could be really worth it ...

Warning: spoilers for the twist of "Sweet Girl"

The Netflix original "Sweet Girl" got pretty bad reviews. But that doesn't change the fact that the action-thriller starring “Aquaman” superstar Jason Momoa was the most streamed film in the world last week - and days later in most countries where the streaming service is available still very high in the local Netflix top 10 lists of most-watched content. 

According to traditional standards, a continuation would only be logical at least if it weren't for the big twist at the end of “Sweet Girl”: After all, in the finale of the film it turns out that the supposed protagonist Ray Cooper has been dead for two years. In truth, it is his teenage daughter Rachel who goes on a campaign of revenge against the pharmaceutical bosses responsible for her mother's death, imagining she is her own father. We have already explained what we think of this twist in another article:

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But the twist isn't just a problem because it makes little sense on closer inspection - it's also a problem for Netflix if the streaming service decides to tackle Sweet Girl 2. After all, all viewers now know that the main character embodied by the film's greatest star has long since blessed the time. Nevertheless, one shouldn't bury the idea of ​​a sequel too quickly because the prospect of a supposedly certain success makes you inventive especially in Hollywood - and so we currently see two possibilities how a "Sweet Girl 2" could still come about:


Rachel actress Isabela Merced has already said in an interview with ComingSoon about the first part that she would personally like a sequel: “There is potential for a sequel through her backstory. How did she get to the point where she is so psychologically battered by the trauma that she has to pretend to be someone else to somehow come to terms with it? "

However, we hardly believe that it would be enough for a “Sweet Girl 2” to simply fill in the empty spaces left open in the first film. Instead, we could imagine taking Rachel's badass character from the last few minutes of the film and making her the common people's avenger against corrupt politicians and business bigwigs in another case as well.

A sequel entirely without Jason Momoa would probably be unthinkable, but he could at least appear briefly here and there in flashbacks or "dream" sequences in which he stands by his daughter on her campaign. Then you could, without cheating too much, place it in a large size on the poster of "Sweet Girl 2".

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Instead, you could of course spin a “Sweet Girl 2” around a Rachel who has still not overcome her mental disorder - and who still imagines in the action moments that she is her muscular, martial arts-tested father.

Then a relatively straightforward action thriller could be spun around her, in which the young protagonist only transforms into someone else in the action scenes.