Not Luke Skywalker and not Baby Yoda But This is what moved Jon Favreau on 'The Mandalorian' - 3movierulz

Not Luke Skywalker and not Baby Yoda But This is what moved Jon Favreau on 'The Mandalorian' - 3movierulz

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The creator of the live-action series 'Star Wars' had an emotional moment in the filming of the second season.

Working on your own Star Wars production after having grown up watching Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker must be the culminating moment for a creator. Jon Favreau has not only managed to collaborate with the franchise but has made an outstanding fiction that has the approval of much of the 'fandom'. The Mandalorian has been the first live-action Star Wars series and its success has prompted the development of many other stories, from Obi-Wan to Ahsoka. Jon Favreau must be a happy guy and in the second season of fiction, he was able to see it at the most unexpected moment.

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Let's do a little memory. As you may recall, the second season ends when Luke Skywalker himself enters the ship where Din Djarin confronts Moff Gideon. At first, we only see a hooded man with incredible handling of the saber, but we soon discover that Mando has managed to reunite with the most powerful Jedi.

Onset Jon Favreau was able to face Mark Hamill dressed as Luke, thus fulfilling more than one childhood dream of his. But that was not what got him excited. "It was already intense because 'My God, here is Mark Hamill dressed as Luke Skywalker on our set, in the corridor of a starship'. It seemed like a dream, it was very strange," says the actor in the last episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian.

I was fine and then R2-D2 came along and I had a moment where… R2-D2 was there and that's when I got excited. I didn't understand why, I felt stupid, but I started crying. And I thought ‘Let me remember this moment. Even now I get excited. Show how this material arrives and what it touches from your childhood and what you felt then

That little beeping android managed to win over the hearts of many and, of course, seeing him on set with Luke is a moment worth a tear. The end of the second season of The Mandalorian left fans with their mouths open since no one expected the appearance of the Jedi. Being, moreover, in such a heroic way.

Skywalker arrived to take Grogu and train him in the Force. We do not know how this plot will be treated in season 3 of The Mandalorian, which will begin filming in September 2021. So bad news and good news at the same time, since the recording is announced but confirms that there will be no episodes. new to Disney + until next year.