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A first trailer for "Matrix 4" was shown: We now know about the story of the sci-fi action sequel - Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

There are less than four months to the theatrical release of "Matrix 4" and so far we knew next to nothing. That has now changed because the first trailer was shown at CinemaCon, which not only confirms the title "The Matrix: Resurrections".

The fact that “Matrix 4” bears the title “The Matrix: Resurrections” has been around for a long time. With a first trailer now shown to American cinema operators in Las Vegas, this title is not only official, but we have a rough idea of what the film is about: The Matrix is ​​back and Neo has to wake up again ...

We weren't able to see the trailer ourselves, but we have summarized the descriptions of various people who were there for you to give you the best possible picture of what was shown and what the story of "Matrix 4" was. is.

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The trailer begins in a futuristic San Francisco, where it quickly becomes clear that Thomas Anderson cannot remember the past events. But he notices that something is wrong because he keeps seeing the green matrix code on the streets of the city. Anderson is therefore being treated by a psychiatrist, believes he is crazy, and takes pills. In a coffee shop, he meets a woman whom he greets lost in thought. “Have we met yet?” She asks. It's Trinity.

Then a mysterious figure appears who looks like a young Morpheus. It is time to fly, he tells Thomas and gives him a pill. Then Neo also meets a person with blue hair and a rabbit tattoo who guides him through a mirror. Who plays this person is not in any of the descriptions we found. But since the German actor, Max Riemelt is an important part of the cast and was switched on at the CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas, we can very well imagine that he embodies this character. Many US colleagues may not be able to assign his face to a name immediately and may therefore not have mentioned him.


Then there is a lot of action in the trailer. Thomas / Neo trains martial arts with the young Morpheus and is shot at by a sniper in one go. He also holds a ball in the air. Trinity is also involved. You and Thomas are shot at by a helicopter with a missile, he can - apparently with Telekinese forces - divert it to another helicopter and much more. All the different action scenes are cut very quickly one after the other in the trailer, whereby there is also an impression of the well-known slow-motion action.

At the end of the trailer, Thomas meets a man in a suit in an office who tells him, “You are going back to where it all started. Back to the matrix! "

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It is not yet known if and when this trailer will appear online. The preview was initially only shown at the largest American cinema fair, CinemaCon in Las Vegas, as part of a panel by Verleih Warner with a view of many upcoming films from the distributor. Sometimes trailers quickly find their way online afterward.

However, several weeks often go by because you don't want to publish too many trailers immediately after the event or because there are other plans for audience marketing. Sometimes effects also need to be improved. Some trailers even do not appear at all because the respective preview was specially created for the cinema operator.

Due to the very close theatrical release of “The Matrix: Resurrections” and our past experiences in December 2021, we assume that a trailer will appear online soon and that it will be exactly or roughly the preview that it now was performed in Las Vegas.


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