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The new Marvel blockbuster 'Eternals' will build on the events from 'Endgame' and introduce a ten-person new hero combo. We introduce you to the powerful new group.

Strictly speaking, almost all MCU films since "Spider-Man: Far From Home" are sequels to "Avengers: Endgame", including the next Marvel adventure "Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings" September. But "Eternals" is particularly related to the catastrophic events from "Avengers 3" and "Avengers 4", because it is about super-powerful aliens who have been camouflaged as humans on earth for many years - and yet absolutely contributed nothing to the fight against Thanos.

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Why did the Eternals remain so passive? We'll leave the answer to this delicate question to the film, which opens in cinemas on November 3, 2021. It has something to do with the enemies of the Eternals, the Deviants, from whom humanity should be protected. In any case, the ten-person group of Film Eternals consists of talented personalities who apart from comic fans no one has ever heard of. That's why we're introducing them to you now.


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Salma Hayek will not only steal the show from everyone in the action-comedy "Killer's Bodyguard 2" in 2021, where she is cursing massively as a con artist but will also leave an impression in "Eternals". Hayek plays the group leader, Ajak, a stoic and powerful person with the ability to heal himself. In the comics, a character is a man, in the film a mother character who forms a bridge between the Eternals and their creators, the Celestials.


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The former "Game Of Thrones" actor Richard Madden is Ikaris, who could probably snap away Thor and the Hulk with his little finger at the same time. Even if comic experts now protest and this comparison is incorrect, Ikaris is definitely one of the most powerful Eternals and, like the other nine, has lived on earth for a remarkable 7,000 years. During this time he not only saw and experienced a lot but also had an on-off relationship with his Eternals colleague Sersi.


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The actress Gemma Chan, known for "Crazy Rich" and others, plays Sersi and thus one of the Eternals who are most important for the film. Sersi can change matter and has done so at one point or another in the course of human history. In general, she has a great interest in people, especially one: Sersi is with Dane Whitman, played by “GoT” alumnus Kit “Jon Snow” Harrington.


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In case anyone needed proof that Marvel really gets everyone: Oscar-winning Angelina Jolie is a real superstar in the ensemble of "Eternals". Jolie plays Thena, an elite warrior who can create weapons using magic.


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Ma Dong-Seok aka Don Lee from Train to Busan trained martial arts fighters and was a boxer before turning to act. In "Eternals" he plays the strongest warrior of the group: Gilgamesh. He's a loyal comrade and also has a sense of humor. He gets along best with Thena.


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Druig, played by Barry Keoghan from "Dunkirk" and "The Killing Of A Sacred Deer," is the Jedi of the Eternals. He can manipulate people's thoughts and is a loner who prefers to keep his distance.


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Lauren Ridloff is known to many viewers as Connie from the long-running zombie hit "The Walking Dead". Her Eternals character Makkari is the Flash from Marvel, she can run super fast. She is also the first deaf character to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ridloff is a deaf actress.


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Brian Tyree Henry from "Beale Street" and the series "Atlanta" plays the Eternal Phastos, who is the brains of the - anyway not stupid - group. Phastos is a brilliant inventor specializing in weapons and technology. Rumor has it that the Eternal is an openly gay superhero and married to a man, which would give him a special place in the largely straight character ensemble of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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Horror fans know Lia McHugh from the disturbing, surprising horror shocker "The Lodge". After “Eternals”, Marvel fans will probably remember the 15-year-old simply because she stands out as the youngest actress by far from the ensemble - even though her character Sprite is thousands of years old and can create extremely realistic illusions.


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Many are likely to include the actor and stand-up comedian Kumail Nanjiani from the comedy hit "The Big Sick", where he plays a young man whose girlfriend suddenly becomes seriously ill. In “Eternals” he plays Kingo, who can manipulate energy with his hands and who, unlike his colleagues, has been looking for the limelight. Kingo is a Bollywood star and in "Eternals" Kumail Nanjiani appears in an exuberant dance scene.

Eternals” starts in cinemas on November 3, 2021. You can see what you can discover in the new "Eternals" trailer in our video analysis:


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