Actor Ed Asner, best known for his role in Up Movie, passes away at the age of 91 - 3movierulz

Actor Ed Asner, best known for his role in Up Movie, passes away at the age of 91 - 3movierulz

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This is one of that sad news: actor Ed Asner, known for playing the character Carl Fredricksen in the movie Up, has died at the age of 91, according to Variety. The media confirmed the death of the actor, which took place on Sunday in calm conditions and surrounded by his family.

As we have noted, Ed Asner was best known for playing the "old curmudgeon" from the Pixar movie Up, in which he embarks on a great adventure with a young explorer and a dog on an adventure that brings him back to joy. . However, Asner's career was much more than that.

Asner's big break as an actor was the Mary Tyler Moore Show, which aired from 1970 to 1977. Asner played the moody news producer Lou Grant, Moore's boss. Asner won three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his role on the show. Lou Grant's character turned out to be so popular that he got his own spinoff, a more serious series simply titled "Lou Grant." Asner also won two Emmys for his work on Rich Man, Poor Man, and Roots. Additionally, Asner appeared as Santa Claus in Will Ferrel's Elf.

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As for Asner and his relationship with Pixar, the actor himself admitted to CNN in 2020 that he had not seen a film from the production company until Wall-E, which was released a year before Up: "I was surprised to see how adult she was. [Wall-E], with the setting in our lives, both present and future, and how they treated it. ... And then I was quite relieved to see how grown-up the movie I was working on was, Up ".

"If I had to reproach the producers and distributors for anything, it was that they couldn't find a better way to make the adults immediately realize that this was as much for them as it was for the children. My God, that four-minute passage in the which details his life as a couple. We all wish our lives could be shown as beautifully as that. "

If you are interested in seeing the actor one more time, you can opt for Up or any of his latest appearances: Grace & Frankie, Netflix's Cobra Kai, American Dad, and The Boondocks. Asner leaves after his death four children and a legacy that he will make us remember forever.