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After the confirmation of the premiere of 007 No Time To Die, during the CinemaCon the highly anticipated 25th episode of the James Bond saga is back to show itself with some unreleased scenes.

If you are curious, we can provide you with a description of the sequences shown during the Las Vegas event. The scene shown begins with James Bond injured and on the ground and then morphs into the pursuit of a teenager. After jumping off a bridge, a sequence seen in the trailers, Bond is looking for a biker who reveals to the spy that his wife, Madeleine, is "the daughter of Specter". The rest of the scene takes place as Bond reunites with Madeleine and follows the couple as she is chased aboard 007's car, as seen in the trailers. Take a look at the full description below:

"Bond is on the ground, injured. He wakes up and takes the phone out of his jacket pocket. He starts running down the road and towards the bridge, chasing a teenager. A car comes from behind and tries to run over him, but Bond dodges it by hiding behind a small rock before jumping off the bridge when a motorcycle arrives.

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When he lands under the bridge, he starts running around the city. He confronts the biker and fights him one on one, killing him. But before he dies, the biker reveals that Madeleine is the "daughter of Specter". Bond takes his motorcycle and drives it through the city. He leaves her and goes up to a hotel room, the bellboy says something about Bond's wife. Bond sees Madeleine and says, 'You're right.

Forgetting is difficult '. She replies: 'James, what happened?' Bond says angrily: 'How did they know I was here? The Specter - how did they know? ' A phone rings, but Bond doesn't answer. He and Madeleine leave, getting into their Aston Martin.

'I have something I need to tell you,' she says. Bond drives around the city again, trying to escape. Madeline gets a phone call. 'Pick it up,' says Bond, but then he answers the phone. The voice on the other side says, 'Your dad would be so proud of you. Your sacrifice  'Shocked, Madeline tries to reassure Bond:' James, why should I betray you? ' Him: 'We have all our secrets.

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We just haven't gotten to yours yet. ' Bond releases mini-point bombs from the rear of the DB5 and takes out a car. 'James, listen to me. I'd rather die than betray you The car comes to an open square. While being shot at, Bond does nothing.

He is sitting in the car and looking at Madeline. She yells, 'James, do something! Say something, James! ' The enemy is using a large shotgun to try to break through the armored car, but Bond continues to do nothing. He appears to be processing Madeline's possible betrayal, assessing the situation. He finally says, 'OK', and does a 360 with the car firing the car's hidden machine guns. End of clip. "We remind you that 007 No Time To Die is expected on September 30th



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