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copyrightWatch Roohi 2021 Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Cinema is a spectacle of possibilities. A pageant that needs to be resolved till the last scene. Producer Dinesh Vijan is to be praised in the case that he has tasted different types of films to the audience of Hindi cinema. Her journey started with 'Being Cyrus' and went through 'Love Nowadays', 'Cocktail', 'Go Goa Gone, 'Badlapur', 'Hindi Medium' and 'Stree' to 'Roohi'. He is a risk-taking filmmaker. If he has an experienced team that can do litmus tests till the last scene of the scripts, then he can beat the biggest production studios in Hollywood. In 'Roohi' he has got a great visual effects team. All three of his artists are strong.

The film 'Roohi' is a film worth watching for three reasons. Firstly, when veterans like Akshay Kumar, Rohit Shetty, and Katrina Kaif could not muster the courage to release the film of Chhote Ambani, Bade Ambani's company decided to put the first big stars of the new year in theaters. The film also has the advantage of branding 'Stree'. The story of the film 'Roohi' is the story of a fictional city in Bundelkhand where a catch-up marriage takes place in 2021. 

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This is the exact opposite of Bihar's Patchua marriage. Girls are forced to marry here. One of these girls is also Mudiyapari. Mudiyapari means the witch whose feet are inverted. Bhaura Pandey is a local newspaper reporter and along with her partner Katni, also does a part-time business of raising girls. But, this time the girl who has taken both of them is going to change their gait, character, and face.

Another good reason to watch the film is the hard work of its actors. Except for the overacting of Manav Vij in the film, the actors have done a good job even in the smallest role. Rajkummar Rao has made a great change in his getup, his style of walking, and his way of speaking to keep the 'bhuhi' bhura from the 'woman' wiki. The plus point with Rajkumar Rao is that he has a fan base all over the country that watches his film. The average has been that Rajkumar Rao's films have a good story. And, if the responsibility is on his shoulder alone, then he also collects the film till the last scene.

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In terms of acting, the film 'Roohi' is also an important stage in the careers of Varun Sharma and Janhvi Kapoor. In the acting of Janhvi Kapoor, film by film Gajab Ka Nakahara is coming. On the big screen, she seems to be a challenge for many veteran actresses in the coming days. In the film, she is doing the same character, which is something else in normal condition and something else after the witch's shadow. 

Varun Sharma is the X factor of the film 'Roohi'. If this artist continues to prove comedy in the same way, then in the coming days, distributors will start picking up the film in the name of Varun. If that happens, then Johnny Walker, Mahmood's name may also include a copy of his name. He has to stay away from the temptation to become a solo hero.

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The third good reason to watch the film is the superb alchemy of its technical team. Amalendu Chaudhary's cinematography advances the story like the character of the film. From the beginning of the film, his camera manages to take the viewer to the cinema. His lighting in the forest scenes is also excellent. Huffeja Lokhandwala has kept the length of the film very accurate. In this two-hour-14-minute film, the original songs are good.

The film 'Roohi' has two weaknesses. One is that Mrigdeep Singh Lamba and Gautam Mehra could not write the same amazing screenplay on a brilliant idea. From the Braj to Awadh and Bundelkhand dialects, a cocktail of dialects has not been able to get any juice in them. The second point is the texture of the film. 

Seeing this, it is known that to bring the focus on Janhvi Kapoor in the climax, there has been an attempt to sideline Varun Sharma and Rajkumar Rao. In the film's dialogues, homosexuality flows in the undercurrents but becomes explicit in the film's climax. The film's director's weakness is also highlighted by this. Hardik Mehta has tried well to keep the entire team on the same ground, but his captaincy as a captain does not seem to make any mark in the film.


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