These are the cameos that appear in 'It 2'

copyrightThese are the cameos that appear in 'It 2'

Andy Muschietti has prepared some surprises for the spectators. It's already in theaters!

Beware, SPOILERS! Don't keep reading if you don't want to know anything about 'It: Chapter 2'

Pennywise has returned in It: Chapter 2 and has brought several cameos that will surprise you on the big screen. Andy Muschietti, director of the film, has decided to start putting his stamp on his films and, on this occasion, has turned to the master of terror to surprise the viewers. Yes, Stephen King makes an appearance on the tape.

The author of the novel on which the film is based is the owner of Derry's antique dealer where Bill, now played by James McAvoy, finds the bike he used when he was little. This cameo includes a reference to the director himself, as King drinks mate from a vessel with the shield of the Independent Athletic Club, a Buenos Aires team, where Muschietti and his sister Barbara (producer) were born.

Muschietti himself has also reserved an appearance on the tape. When Eddie (James Ransone) goes for his inhaler to the village pharmacy, the filmmaker can be seen on the shelves behind looking at the products.

Although they are the most unexpected cameos, they are not the only ones. At the beginning of the movie, we see the Canadian director Xavier Dolan playing one of the members of the couple who is attacked by a group of young people in Derry. This is the event that triggers the return of Pennywise. Surprising to see him, but it was a previously announced signing.

But the one with the best screen appearance is Peter Bogdanovich. The person in charge of paper Moon interprets himself as director of the film that is based on one of Bill's books. McAvoy's character is on the set trying to fix some script problems and Bogdanovich is one of many who tells him that his endings leave much to be desired.


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