With new scenes: Incredibly long supercut planned by "IT" and "IT Chapter 2"

copyrightWith new scenes: Incredibly long supercut planned by "IT" and "IT Chapter 2"

Andy Muschietti, the director of "IT" and "IT 2", was once again asked if he planned to unite his two King films in a big supercute. He had a surprisingly concrete answer ready, which gives hope for a mammoth work.

The "IT" movies and their run length: It was said, again and again, the first "IT" - after all, the most successful horror film of all time - should be published as Director's Cut. The raw version of the film should at least bring it to no less than four hours running time (the theatrical version, however, "only" two hours and 15 minutes). "IT 2" is already making a name for itself before its theatrical release, with a length of two hours and 45 minutes. And here's a much longer Director's Cut as well as confirmed, as director Andy Muschietti and producer Barbara Muschietti reported to Digital Spy.

The "IT" films are not 90-minute snacks but allow time for figure drawing and action, this is no news. But now Andy Muschietti revealed that he prefers an "IT" movie with a run length that is far beyond the previous one.


When the filmmaker was asked in an interview with Jake Hamilton if he was planning a supercut that unites both films, he came up with a surprisingly concrete idea: "I'm thinking about a supercut. This means that the two ["IT"] films are basically told one after the other and added to everything that had to be cut for reasons of runtime. These are great scenes that revolve around the characters and more stuff that had to be taken out for other reasons. I really want to shoot new material for it. "

So the bill is the well-known films + cut scenes + re-rotated material = a supercut in the form that director Muschietti considers the best. Asked about the duration of the game, the director nonchalantly said he was calculating with an approximate running time of 6.5 hours. A modest project.


But he also made it clear that at the moment this is only a wish of his, whose realization is by no means a decided thing: "We have to talk about it first. But I definitely want to create a [Supercut]. "Especially the plan to shoot new material would bring immense costs. After all, not only the actors would have to be drummed together again, paid for and possibly rejuvenated in post-production, and the sets would probably have to be rebuilt again.

And whether this effort is actually considered profitable, probably depends on the success of "IT 2". If the sequel again brings in more than $ 700 million at the box office, the studio might well think about Muschiettis plans. A supercut that was "only" supplemented with existing, cut material should definitely be in it.

"IT Chapter 2" will be released on September 5, 2019, in German cinemas. In addition to the children actors from the first film - u. a. "Stranger Things" star Finn Wolfhard and Jack Dylan Grazer ("Shazam!)" Are also featured on their adult versions, by Bill Hader ("Dating Queen"), Jessica Chastain ("Zero Dark Thirty") and James McAvoy ("X-Men: Dark Phoenix"). And of course still scary part Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise!


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