Lady and the Tramp: The trailer for the new Disney remake after Lion King

copyrightLady and the Tramp: The trailer for the new Disney remake after Lion King

The new "Lady and the Tramp" do not come to the movies, but to the new Netflix competitor Disney +, but is like "The Lion King" a remake to a popular cartoon. Check out the first trailer.

With the new "Lion King" Disney just managed a super hit with the announcement. However, the time-tested number of casting popular fabrics into a new shape will no longer be limited to the cinema: The "Lady and the Tramp" remake will be released exclusively on Disney +, the new streaming service intended to compete with Netflix USA on 12 November 2019 starts - and in addition to older films and series also provide plenty of new exclusives. "Lady and the Tramp" is one of the titles that will be available right at the start.


In contrast to the "Lion King" remake, where the animals look very real, but come from the computer, "Lady and the Tramp" were actually filmed with real dogs - although certainly the help of the CGI artists was used For example, in the famous, known from the cartoon "kiss at the spaghetti meal" scene.

Susi is a dog lady from steinkirchen home, the stroller is a street killer. Susi is spoken in the original version by Tessa Thompson, the Valkyrie from "Thor 3". The part of Strolch took over "Leftover" star Justin Theroux.

Incidentally, the next Disney remake for the cinema will be "Mulan". The famous story about the girl dressed like a man going to war starts on March 26, 2020.


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