Kevin Feige worked secretly in Venom

copyrightKevin Feige worked secretly in Venom
And possibly not put your hands back on a Spider-Man license in a long time.

According to new information, following the break-in relations between Disney and Sony, the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, would have worked secretly in the production of Venom, the successful Sony Pictures film with a sequel already in development.

Mike Fleming Jr. tells Deadline that Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, would have been trying to get an agreement between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures so that in the future movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Away from home can still exist.

This same report ensures that Kevin Feige lent an unofficial hand in the production of Venom, yet it seems that this happened at a time when the film was far from being what we just saw in theaters. "That didn't happen until Rothman himself dedicated a good time to the movie in the assembly hall to make it what it is now."

Majorly negative reviews did not prevent Venom from getting the 800 million collections at the international box office, so it is not surprising that Sony is comfortable with a sequel and even with a separation of Disney and Marvel.


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