Jeremy Renner asks Sony that Spider-Man returns to Marvel

copyrightJeremy Renner asks Sony that Spider-Man returns to Marvel

The actor who gives life to Hawkeye has launched a public petition for the superhero to remain in the film universe.

Jeremy Renner has become the voice of the people by launching a public petition so that Sony and Disney can continue to work together around Spider-Man. After the surprising news that both studios had decided to break their agreement, the actor who gives life to Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has decided to use his Instagram account to ask companies to reconsider his decision.

"Hey, Sony Pictures, we want Spider-Man to return to Stan Lee and Marvel, please, thanks," you can read in the post.

This action adds to the massive campaign carried out by fans to save Tom Holland's character. Shortly after the news was known, the followers created the hashtag #SaveSpiderMan, which soon became 'Trending Topic'. It has not yet had any repercussions, but the stir it has caused is quite high, so it is expected that one of the companies will rule on it.

At the moment, only Sony has released a statement, in which they appreciate the work of Kevin Feige and ensure that they hope to continue negotiating in the future. "We are disappointed, but we respect Disney's decision not to have him as the main producer of our next Spider-Man movie," you can read in the text.


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