Finally confirmed: This iconic "Spider-Man" villain is in "Venom 2" here

copyrightFinally confirmed: This iconic "Spider-Man" villain is in "Venom 2" here

For all who watched "Venom" until the end, it should not be a surprise, but now it is officially confirmed: Woody Harrelson is as Carnage alter ego Cletus Kasady in "Venom 2" here.

We had no doubt that Woody Harrelson would be part of the cast of "Venom 2". Probably not without reason he had in the credits scene of the first "Venom" a small guest appearance as imprisoned killer Cletus Kasady. Nevertheless, there was still the possibility that Sony saves Kasady despite this teaser for a later part or in general again from the then adopted plans. Officially, Harrelson's involvement in the sequel has not yet been confirmed - until now!


In an interview with Collider, newly-formed "Venom 2" cameraman Robert Richardson talked about what moved him to take on the job. So the current Tarantino-Stammkameramann and three-time Oscar winner (for "JFK", "Aviator" and "Hugo Cabret") absolutely wanted to film a superhero adventure (and actually already with Ben Affleck's "The Batman", from the in the Form but nothing has become). Richardson also hinted that he was looking forward to collaborating with recently-announced director Andy Serkis (for whom he had already made his directorial debut "As long as I breathe"), lead actor Tom Hardy, and Woody Harrelson, whose name he casually falls left.

Comic fans know, of course, that the psychopathic Cletus Kasady in the templates from the house Marvel - like reporter Eddie Brock - merges with an alien symbiont and then a deadly Carnage, with the Eddie / Venom also provides all sorts of clashes. Whether we will see this transformation in "Venom 2" will not be confirmed despite Harrelson's appearance.


Because Robert Richardson did not reveal how big the role of the "Zombieland" star in the "Venom" secrets will be, it would also be conceivable that we first see him only as Kasady - as in other interviews with Eddie - and the Carnage -Werdung only comes at the end, which would probably first but another figure to become the real villain of the film.

However, there are many indications that Venom is already in full swing with Carnage in his second screen adventure, not least because Richardson now calls Harrelson in the same breath as Tom Hardy. Also, it was already suspected in the run-up to the first part that Carnage is the main antagonist there. After the audience had to make do with Riot, the creators certainly do not want to put the fans on the torture any longer - especially as the upcoming Carnage gig by the mentioned credits and Kasady's threatening sentence "When I get outta here, there's gonna be carnage "(in German a bit awkward with" If I get out of here, then there's a carnage à la Carnage "translated) was already teased.

And finally, the prison setting has already been established, in which Kasady at least in the comics comes in contact with the alien symbiote. In the original, this is made possible because Eddie shares with him a prison cell and a part of his alien organism finally connects with Kasady, but even if Eddie in the movies (at least so far) far from it, even in prison to land, you could come to a similar conclusion about further meetings of the two.

If this actually happens, then we will learn in the fall of 2020. In the US, "Venom 2" will be released in cinemas on 2 October. For India, there is still no start date, but it should then be very close to the US date.


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