Bond 25 already has a title: No Time to Die

copyrightBond 25 already has a title: No Time to Die

After a long time, finally, Bond 25 already has a title: No Time to Die. With Daniel Craig as James Bond 007.

It has been several months, but finally, we have more information about the next James Bond movie with Daniel Craig as agent 007. Today, we can finally say that Bond 25 will be titled No Time To Die. Of course, a good title to feed the rumors of what will happen to the protagonist, considering that it is the last in which Craig will participate. The announcement, you can see it in the next tweet.

In that way, it is expected that the events of the film will lead us to see Agent 007 in constant danger. Hopefully, however, that all the problems that have occurred during the filming of the film do not end up taking its toll on the plot as well.

Somehow, this title could contain a beautiful metaphor about it: there is no time to die, which makes us think that there is still hope for the film to be saved and Craig ended his participation in the franchise in style. We'll see if alive or not ...

Continuing with the similes between the film's title and what has happened with the shooting, the danger has always been present. To the point that some consider it already a damn shoot.

For example, because there have been accidents and even explosions with an injured person. In any case, we still know very little about what this movie will really offer. Especially if it is not all related to locations where it will take place or the distribution that will be part of it.


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