After Lion King comes Lady and the Tramp: The first picture from the Disney remake

copyrightAfter Lion King comes Lady and the Tramp: The first picture from the Disney remake

For the new streaming platform Disney + is a real-movie remake of the popular animated cartoon "Lady and the Tramp". Now there is the first picture of the eponymous dog couple.

If they did not speak and sing, except for one shot of a computer-derived remake of The Lion King, one could think that real animals were actually on camera. At the upcoming new edition of the 1955 cartoon "Lady and the Tramp", however, it looks quite different: It is actually a real movie with real dogs, which are synchronized by a well-known speaker war. Now Disney has released a first set of scenes from the eponymous dog couple:

And for comparison again the popular spaghetti with meatballs lovers from the cartoon classic:


In "Lady and the Tramp", Susi and the stray stroller, who live in a noble family, fall in love with each other and, in the course of the film, inter alia take on a nasty dog ​​catcher. Whether the new edition, which is produced for the streaming service Disney +, will hold exactly to this template or take some liberties, is not yet known.

But already known are the stars who lend their voices to the animal heroes in the English version. For example, "Avengers" star Tessa Thompson will star in the female lead, her male counterpart Justin Theroux ("American Psycho"). Other speakers include Sam Elliott, Benedict Wong, Kiersey Clemons, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Thomas Mann. Directed by Charlie Bean ("The Lego Ninjago Movie").

The "Lady and the Tramp" remake will be available there for the US launch of Disney + on November 12, 2019. Unfortunately, there is still no precise information as to when the streaming service will come to India.


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