After the breakup of Sony and Marvel, 'Venom 2' could be for people over 18

copyrightAfter the breakup of Sony and Marvel, 'Venom 2' could be for people over 18

The disagreement could realize the requests of the fans, who want a more violent film.

The break between Sony and Disney can lead to good things for one of Spider-Man's great villains. Although Peter Parker's future is still full of uncertainty, the rumors are already beginning to see some advantages in this decision that has taken us all by surprise. That Disney no longer supervises Sony's production means that the studio has more freedom to choose the tone of the story, which would mean that Venom 2 could qualify for over 18 years.

As MovieWeb reports, director Ruben Fleischer was confident that Venom would get qualified for adults. Things changed in the process and finally reached theaters as "not recommended for children under 12 years." It is believed that the reason for this change was because Sony wanted to keep the door open for a possible 'crossover' with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After the news of the disagreement between companies, it was announced that Kevin Feige had helped to establish Venom's tone, although he is not credited. Therefore, now that Feige no longer has any creative control, the study can make a more explicit and violent tape.

However, the tape worked very well at the box office, perhaps, in part, to the decision to open it to a wider audience. In a SensaCine interview with Tom Hardy following the premiere of the film, he declared that they could not make a tape that most of their fans could not enjoy, which were 10-year-old children. Given these words, Sony may want to repeat the formula.

We will have to remain attentive to how the negotiation between Sony and Disney evolves and to new details about the feature film. At the moment, the saga has changed director and Andy Serkis will take care of the sequel.


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