The Batman: This 'fanart' transforms Bill Skarsgård into The Joker

copyrightThe Batman: This 'fanart' transforms Bill Skarsgård into The Joker

The artist William Gray has transformed the 'It' villain to participate in the new Batman adventure.

The signing of Robert Pattinson in The Batman has raised expectations about a project that many people considered lost. The goodbye of Ben Affleck, first as a director and then as an actor, left everything a bit in the air. Now, under the direction of Matt Reeves, he seems to go in a straight line and fans begin to speculate which will be Pattinson's co-stars.

Although it is not known which villain he will face, The Joker tops the wishlist of DC fans and names of actors who could play him have already begun to emerge. The illustrator William Gray has proposed Bill Skarsgård for the role and has made a montage imagining how that iconic duo would look like.

Seeing Skarsgård's work as Pennywise in It nobody doubts that he would make a good version of the villain created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane. In fact, he could star in one of the most terrifying interpretations of the DC universe if he decides to follow the same steps he already took with Stephen King's evil clown.

Skarsgård is a fan favorite, but he is not the only candidate. A few months ago an image began to circulate where they had transformed Macaulay Culkin into the Clown Prince of Crime, which won the approval of many users.

In any case, we do not know if the Joker will appear in The Batman since details about the film have barely been confirmed, such as the central plot or the characters that will appear on it. At the moment, the only one who has a guaranteed place in the new Warner Bros. film is Robert Pattinson.


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